Safe, ecological, economical

Discover the many advantages of the FRESH!PACKING system for senders and recipients.

Advantages shipper

  • Up to 7,680 l cooling capacity on a Euro pallet – the thin and flexible FRESH!PACKING-Pouches make it possible and reduce your logistics and storage costs
  • The flexible FRESH!PACKING-Pouches adapt to the cooling-goods and reduce the space to be cooled to a minimum – you need less coolant
  • FRESH!PACKING-HardBoxes are shock-absorbing – no additional padding material necessary
  • Ecological insulation: FRESH!PACKING-HardBox and FRESH!PACKING-Pouch can easily be recycled via the paper bin

Advantages recepient

  • Receipt of fresh and safely refrigerated goods
  • The FRESH!PACKINGHardBox makes it possible to send chilled, frozen and dry products in one cardboard – 1 cardboard instead of 3
  • Simple disposal of FRESH!PACKING-Hardbox and FRESH!PACKING-Pouch completely via the paper bin – no separation into different waste fractions necessary
  • Low disposal volume – no overflowing waste containers or garbage bags