Safe and sustainable shipping of fresh and deep-frozen goods

As a manufacturer of sustainable (insulated-) packaging, FRESH!PACKING ensures that you can send your fresh and chilled goods with a good feeling.

The system packaging consisting of 2 identical parts with 100% recycling-cellulose insulation and cardboard. The HardBox is not only thermally equivalent to conventional packaging solutions, but also ecologically and practically superior - and also cost-effective.

Independent of active cooling in production, in the warehouse or on the truck, FRESH!PACKING consistently ensures a defined temperature spectrum for temperature-sensitive products.



The FRESH!PACKING HardBox consists of two components: The outer carton made of corrugated cardboard is the stable outer cover of the transport packaging – it protects against impacts and has an additional insulating effect. The two identical inlays made of cardboard and recycling-cellulose ensure temperature stability inside the box.



The FRESH!PACKING-Pouch is a reusable transport bag for chilled and frozen goods and the optimal solution for small shopping baskets, mealkits, transport of fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and medicals.



The FRESH!PACKING coolpacks provide active cooling for your shipment. The water-based Coolpacks are approved for contact with food.

Benefits FRESH!PACKING System

Safe, ecological, inexpensive and sustainable - discover the advantages of the FRESH!PACKING system for shippers and recipients.


Our aim is to make your shipping of fresh and chilled goods easier and more sustainable. Many years of experience with ecological insulation materials enable us to provide the thermally optimized transport solution for your needs. As a family business we keep a close connection to our customers and we are delighted to advice and support you to ensure the perfect solution for your application.


The recycling capability of FRESH!PACKING products is their great strength. Our primary goal, even during product development, is to provide a product with the combination of good performance, easy usage and complete recycling.