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The recycling capability of FRESH!PACKING products is their great strength. Our primary goal, even during product development, is to provide a product with the combination of good performance, easy usage and complete recycling.


The following features distinguish our products:

  • All FRESH!PACKING insulating elements and cardboard boxes can be recycled via the paper bin.
  • With the FRESH!PACKING bags, it is not necessary to separate the wrapping fleece beforehand.
  • The fibres of the FRESH!PACKING insulating elements can be recycled up to six times. This saves energy, water and fresh fibres. (Non-paper-portion <5%)
  • The FRESH!PACKING-HardBoxes are recyclable and compostable.
  • After separation of the fleece, the FRESH!PACKING insulating elements are even compostable, similar to newsprint. The wrapping fleece consists of PE-fibres and can be disposed via the yellow bag.
  • FRESH!PACKING products have a significantly lower disposal volume compared to EPS packaging (up to 75%).

Savings on licence, storage and delivery costs

With the FRESH!PACKING systems you save up to 70% of the licensing costs of the dual system compared to an EPS box (comparable in size and insulation performance).

(The Green Dot/“Der Grüne Punkt” is a registered trademark of the company Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) and stands for a functioning circular economy, i.e. the consistent use of recyclables from waste).

Furthermore, with the FRESH!PACKING systems you save up to 60% of the costs for delivery and storage compared to an EPS box (comparable in size and insulation performance).

The exact quantities, which have to be reported to the central office and the dual system partner, we will be delighted to inform you on request at info(at)

New packaging law

Since 01.01.2019 the new packaging law has been in force:

All companies that send packaging filled with goods to private consumers for the first time ("first-distributor") must register in the central packaging register LUCID (

You are not considered to be a first distributor if you use our packaging to send your goods to industrial or large commercial customers and the packaging is emptied there.