We optimize your shipping

Together with you, we configure and test the shipping packaging optimized for your requirements.
In our climate chamber we carry out individual tests with your products according to your requirements. In this way you can be sure that your shipment will arrive at the recipient crisp and fresh and at the desired temperature.

In addition you save money and material because you only use as much insulation and cooling as the shipment actually needs.

Climate chamber

FRESH!PACKING Klimaschrank

In our climate chamber we can simulate temperature scenarios between 0° and 50°Celsius, recording and documenting temperature, humidity and dew point.

Test procedure

FRESH!PACKING Klimadiagramm

FRESH!PACKING Climate diagram. 72h climate chamber test with a peak temperature of 42° Celsius.


FRESH!PACKING Individuelle Bedruckung

We also print the FRESHPACKING-HardBox in several colours in flexo-printing according to customer specifications.
It is also possible to individualize the FRESH!PACKING-Pouches & HardBoxes with regard to sizes or printing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.